Eva Be (DJ)

Eva Be embodies the sound of the capital unlike any other artist. She has carved a niche for herself on the electronic club music scene as both a producer and a DJ with her distinctive and elegant flair. Expect no less than the best when Berlin’s “First Lady of Dub, House & Techno” takes to the turntables. It’s no surprise that Eva Be ended up in the music business: as the daughter of a sound technician she spent a large part of her childhood at concerts or exploring her dad’s record cabinet; she grew up surrounded by music. The native Berliner found like-minded musical enthusiasts in the creative environment of the Jazzanova team and joined the internationally renowned Sonar Kollektiv in 2000. She released her first record with the label in 2002. Since then Eva Be has been a key figure in Berlin’s club culture, both a producer and DJ. And her influence does not stop there – she has spun tunes and filled dance floors worldwide.

NEWS: In Sept. 2013 Eva Be released a stunning remix album on Sonar Kollektiv: www.sonarkollektiv.com/releases/SK270D/
Ten years ago, when Eva Be released her first 12inch on Sonar Kollektiv’s subsidiary Best Works she was considered the nestling of the ever-growing family. Since then it has been a long time coming of age for the Berlin born and based DJ and producer with a strong knack for reggae and dub incorporated in tunes aimed for the dance floor. Sonar Kollektiv is proud to showcase now eleven of Eva Be’s most outstanding remixes from a decade of hard work and coming to fame. The heavy dub reworks for Ye.Solar and Micatone date back to 2005 and still sound as miraculously fresh and eery when they came out. On the more poppy side you’ll get the remix for Ben Ivory’s “Better Love” from last year and the two re-dubbings for Recloose from 2008. “Deep Waters” features one of Eva’s dearest collaborators, Joe Dukie of Fat Freddy’s Drop fame, on “Catch A Leaf” Rachel Fraser’s voice is shining as bright as a diamond. An attribute also to be used for Eva Be’s remix skills. If you wouldn’t know better, you’d think she wasn’t born and raised in sombre East Berlin but somewhere on a sunny island in the Caribbean. The Berlin influences and it’s nightlife vibe can maybe be detected in the brand new work for Märtini Brös’ “Starshine”.
Eleven stand out remixes with a handwriting so unique you hardly find in today’s dance music and remix circus. A compilation of eleven tracks that fit together so harmonically, it almost could be mistaken as an artist’s own album. But then probably, it’s also the pure genius of Eva Be who only decides to do remixes of songs she feels comfortable with and can put her own mark on. Another example: Her latest super lush rework of “Sound Of The Ebo” by Dublex Inc. sounds like if it has been done in Lee Perry’s Black Ark Studios, if he hadn’t burned them down in 1983. This whole set will make not only Berlin’s upcoming cold and very long winter a bit warmer and bearable but will also send sunshine, laxness and happiness all around the world.