Paskal & Urban Absolutes (DJ)

After having built up a small catalogue of releases each on their own, Paskal and Urban Absolutes (monikers of Alexander Kastner and Adrian Hoffmann) decided to start a musical cooperation project in late summer of 2009. Despite the distance lying between their hometowns – Alexander is living in Berlin, Adrian is living in Essen – Paskal & Urban Absolutes began to develop their very own idea of electronic dance music, integrating elements of Pop, Downtempo and (of course) House. After some time of experimenting, this lead to their first conjoint releases on  Farside Records, Room With A View,  Peppermint Jam, Foul & Sunk and more. Constantly increasing the frequency of their production sessions, Paskal & Urban Absolutes have filled up their pipeline of up and coming releases, including more originals and remixes on labels like Sonar Kollektiv, Quintessentials, Peppermint Jam and more.

Paskal & Urban Absolutes are also available as a live act.