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Jungle By Night has turned many dance floors into boiler rooms: from Istanbul to Tokyo and from Paris to the isle of Vlieland, nobody can withstand their afro beats, ethio breaks, Turkish psych and spicy cumbia. Their latest album "The Traveller" sets its journey further through the jungle, taking it deeper and deeper into an unknown world. Carefree dancing to their signature sound is not something left in the past, but now there’s more going on. The sound is new, exotic, even rough at times. Your ears have more time to explore the different layers in the music. "The Traveller" makes the mystery of the jungle even greater. 


Six years ago, Jungle By Night grew popular as those nine young lads from Amsterdam who played infectious afro beat. Even then, this label didn’t narrow down their genre enough. Growing up and traveling the world, more sources of inspiration crossed their paths, enriching their music. The boys have turned into men.


Jungle By Night have performed at the immense Fuji Rock in Japan and played at Montreal Jazz, the biggest jazz festival in Canada. They headlined shows in New York City, while France is considered as their second home and Turkey is also no longer unknown territory. In The Netherlands, Jungle by Night is a household name at all the major festivals like Lowlands, North Sea Jazz, Pitch, Down The Rabbit Hole, you name it. From Groningen up North to Maastricht, down South, people have fond memories of experiencing Jungle By Night’s high energy shows. 


Jungle By Night’s success story had taken them around the blocks a few times. Along the way, they have seen things and experienced many adventures, making them take a closer look to their music. This made them embrace influences of minimal maestro Philip Glass, indie favourite Deerhoof and Turkish cult hero Baris Manco. Curious or shocked? Just wait until you hear the synthesizer that plays a prominent role on the new album. There’s harmony and there's melody, and then there’s music that pulls you right out of your comfort zone: it’s like sucking on a lemon. 


And now? As men, strengthened and grown, their back on track, selling out festivals and venues everywhere the play. France beckons, Japan calls. Glastonbury Festival, the mother of all festivals, is already booked, similar as North Sea Jazz, a French tour and shows in Japan. World, get ready! 















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