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Moka Efti Orchestra booking best works

The Moka Efti Orchestra is an international sensation that first gained notoriety on the german hit tv-series “Babylon Berlin”. The 14 member ensemble was originally pieced together by composer Nikko Weidemann, composer Mario Kamien along with saxophonist/arranger Sebastian Borkowski. The tv-series invites the viewer into the Moka Efti, a re-creation of the famous pre-World War II Berlin club, with the goal to bring back the music and the vibe of the 20´s.


From the onset of the series, composers and arrangers were tasked to focus on musically defining vivid contemporary emotions, rather than worrying about achieving 100% historical accuracy. A lofty task for the most ambitious tv-series in German film history. As music industry veterans, Weidemann has been rooted for decades in the international musical subculture and Kamien has made a name for himself as part of the 90s duo dZihan&Kamien. Borkowski is a successful sax and flute player, touring worldwide with Jazzanova and MEUTE, besides his work with the Moka Efti Orchestra.

In the wake of the show’s international success and due to enthusiastic fan response, the Moka Efti Orchestra became an actual entity. The ensemble started to tour and perform their music from the show’s soundtrack with vocalist and series actor Severija Janusauskaitė aka SEVERIJA. Capitalizing on the momentum of their popularity, the Orchestra has released the debut album Erstausgabe in 2020 and has now dropped album no. 2 Telegramm.

The band’s compositions and arrangements range from swing, blues, ragtime, Chanson, Big Band Charleston to Klezmer. The track “Zu Asche, Zu Staub” is a fan favorite standout. The song appears on Erstausgabe with an original arrangement featuring singer SEVERIJA.


The ensemble has so far been touring throughout Germany , central Europe and Scandinavia.

Territory ROW; GAS by Gastspielreisen

WW w/o GAS







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