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The duo made up of London singer-songwriter Kathy Diamond who is known for her work with Maurice Fulton on Permanent Vacation records and Polish producer Max Skiba fuse electronica, disco funk and soul and spike it with a hearty dose of house to create one of Europe's most invigorating neo-disco duos. The KDMS combine hypnotic rhythms with addictive pop melodies carrying clever lyrics - a rare achievement in todays formulaic world of club-inspired pop music. They successfully mix a sort of Slavic sensibility and ambiguity with typically British sophistication and a peculiar sense of humor. 

In December 2016 the KDMS return with a brilliant sophomore album of club anthems and torch songs, synthetic beats and live instruments. “The New Old Normal” follows their debut album “Kinky Dramas & Magic Stories” on Gomma which saw unexpected support from artists like Snoop Dogg e.g. on his one and only disco DJ mix "Snoopalicius" and Hot Chip with several remixes by band-members, notably Alexis' Taylor “Wonderman” cover. As well as remixes from disco day one pioneer and legend Nicky Siano (The Gallery, Studio54), Soft Rocks, Morgan Geist (Storm Queen), Nick McCarthy (Franz Ferdinand) among others.


On “The New Old Normal” Max Skiba, who follows last year’s massive “Shanghouse” on Prins Thomas’ Internasjonal imprint, presents his most mature and developed tunes, whilst Kathy Diamond’s vocals reference the late 70s disco icon, adding charm and emotion throughout. Despite the album’s overall pop sensibility, this is a set of eleven intricate tracks, touching upon multiple genres and quite often blending them all together: from breezy yacht rock, Paisley Park funk, Hall & Oates’ blue-eyed soul to Kompakt-style house music. It’s T-Rex glam and disco glitter, complemented with a techno cover of Kate Bush’ “Babooshka”.


On “The New Old Normal”, Max and Kathy are accompanied by several high-profile guests, including the unmistakable Kurt Maloo of Double. Cover art comes courtesy of Filip Pagowski, the international graphic designer known for his work with Comme De Garcons and most recently for his artwork for Drake.


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