Lithuanian DJ and producer Vidis has a history of strong influence on the worldwide front. Together with his friend and partner Mario they are known as Mario & Vidis. The duo constantly rewrite house definitions, setting standards and pushing boundaries in all directions.


Vidis has never considered himself an inventor. Or a pioneer. Some say reinventing the wheel is not an option, but what if you take something that already exists and add a new direction, quality, and dimension to it? Who can complain? So here’s Vidis today – a DJ, producer, promoter, radio host, label founder, artist agency manager, and more. Put it plain and simple – a music enthusiast of the highest order, a local institution, and an apt advocate of his city and the scene behind it.


The master of reinvention. He booked Rune Linbaek and Daniel Wang before the term new disco was coined. Âme and Dixon first visited Lithuania and his parties ahead of being praised and pigeonholed as the new deep house idols. Vidis introduced Jazzanova, Atjazz, Charles Webster, Prins Thomas, Château Flight, DJ Deep and many others to the Lithuanian clubbers and, brought Caribou, Architecture In Helsinki, and Junior Boys to perform live for those who thought they’ve seen and heard it all.


Vidis' label Silence was the first Lithuanian electronic music label to cross over internationally with tracks being played by Laurent Garnier, Gilles Peterson, Jazzanova, Soul Clap, Sasha, Jamie Jones and the likes. The label began worldwide distribution, and an international booking schedule would take him to the metropolis‘ of Berlin, London, Moscow, Istanbul, Milan, San Paulo, and even some unlikely places in Siberia.


The wheel of reinvention keeps on turning and Vidis is setting a new standard again – he‘s the first Lithuanian DJ to deliver a high profile mix album for internationally renowned label, and tech/deep house embassy – Get Physical Music. „Silence Please!“ is the first ever international compilation showcasing the Vilnius house scene and its most creative and inspiring personalities and moments in form of musical tracks. The compilation consists of 100% exclusive material. New and unreleased tracks from top Lithuanian house acts – Mario & Vidis, Mario Basanov, Downtown Party Network, Few Nolder and Darius Vaikas. Unreleased remixes and edits of Fink, Jazzanova, Pompeya, Richard Davis and Ernesto. „Silence Please!“ is a document and a statement in some respects – the first proper representation of emerging sound and the scene from the unlikely territory.















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