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Mop Mop

Mop Mop is the brainchild of Berlin-based Italian multi-instrumentalist, producer and composer Andrea Benini. He has been active for more than ten years exploring a large variety of musical genres. Anyone familiar will already know that their refined postmodern style allowed the band to achieve the international film business as part of Woody Allen‘s “To Rome With Love” soundtrack.


Rooted in jazz, yet incessantly seeking to widen the genre’s scope, embarking into funk, afrobeat and more exotic terrain, Mop Mop’s newest feat “Lunar Love” promises to live up to global expectations.


With “Lunar Love” Mop Mop continue their journey through musically wide open spaces and places. Refining their sound even more, creating an unique and deep atmosphere based on the idea of traditional Gnawa rhythms mixed with a heavy dub-jazz-funk pulse. They left the „Isle Of Magic“ – but the magical experience of their music and vibe gets even more exciting . . .


… as Andrea Benini and Mop Mop once again take a wonderful imaginary trip to a place which echoes and results in another deep musical trip. From the „Isle Of Magic“ to “Lunar Love” – „There are other places out there“ – Sun Ra knew about these places outta space, Mop Mop now take a journey from a mystical bright shining star called „Adhara“ to Mother Earth, being aliens from a kind of similar but yet different planet which they had to leave as they have destroyed and abused their ground, now in search of a new land. Looking at our blue planet from a different point of view. „Show me this place they call Earth and let me land this ship“, says Anthony Joseph in one of the key tracks „Spaceship:Earth“.


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