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Level Spaces: One of Berlin's most prolific busking bands entered the next level! Availabe for bookings worldwide

One of Berlin's most prolific busking bands entered the next level!

Level Spaces are a Berlin-based band, formed in 2018 by three Brazilian siblings and an Australian.


They started out as a busking band, playing on the streets of Berlin, in the infamous Mauerpark and at numerous festivals in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy and the Czech Republic. In 2022, they won first prize at the prestigious Braunschweig Buskers Festival and came second in the audience vote the following year. From there they took it to the next level with headline shows at Berlin's Lido Club and Columbia Theatre and Braunschweig's westand.


Level Spaces are inspired by a variety of genres from many eras of music. From bands like Pink Floyd, The Doors, Michael Jackson, Metallica to The Prodigy and 90’s techno. On the streets of Berlin they have created their own unique sound, a blend of psychedelic rock and electronic music, which they themselves call Psychtro (Psychodelic Electro).


Performing live is their ultimate passion. In the audience it is clear that they put their heart and soul into the show. With a larger-than-life dynamic and a mix of genres that crosses all boundaries, they are easily able to electrify their audiences. They love being close to their fans and know how to connect with them thanks to their origins as a street band.


With relentless drumming, catchy melodies and powerful bass, they are sure to push the room to its limits. It's all about having fun on stage and with the audience.


Level Spaces have a fresh new sound and attitude, always looking to evolve. This is also reflected in the four albums they have released in four years: From Live Jam I and II to Universo Paralelo and Elements. Stay tuned, this is going to be exciting!








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