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In 2017 the Jazzanova DJs will be on tour worldwide presenting their brand-new remix compilation „Jazzanova – The Remixes 2006 – 2016“!

"Jazzanova - The Remixes 2006 - 2016" out now on Sonar Kollektiv

This release heralds the start of the 20th anniversary of Jazzanova as internationally

renowned remixers. That is to say, it was in the summer of 1997 when the very first remix by

Jazzanova was released, the one for United Future Organization's „Friends... We'll Be“ on Gilles

Peterson's founded label Talkin’ Loud. Said remix can be found on the first edition of the by

now accumulated to a trilogy compilation series. When the first part covers the early, yeasty

years from 1997 to 2000, the second episode pays tribute to the years from 2002 to 2005 and

the third sequel takes the last few years, the lapse of time from 2006 to 2016 to task. This

decade as well was – as you can hear strongly by listening to this long player – a very

prosperous, inspiring productive period for Jazzanova.

How fast time flies is displayed by these nine selected tracks from the last ten years. All of

them still sound as if they have been released just yesterday. Starting with the remix of

“Listen To The Drums” by Outlines, which evolved into a worldwide club hit over the years,

also thanks to the edit by Dixon. Most remarkably this work is already ten years old! The

remixes of Furry Phreaks' „All Over The World“ and Heritage Orchestra's „Skybreaks“ also

doesn't really sound like two tunes from 2007. Au contraire, this is the trademark sound of

Jazzanova carving itself genre-spanning into eternity. Or who would dare to not declare the

2009 remix for Atjazz' „Parallels“ as an modern day dance floor classic? And with the

reworks of tracks by Hugh Masekela („Stimela“) and Joe Bataan („Ordinary Guy“) we have two

actual funk/soul evergreens featured on this compilation's wonderful third edition. A must is

obviously the inclusion of the remix for “Believer” by Paul Randolph from 2007. It was this

remix that was somehow the start of longterm relationship that culminated in Paul

becoming the steady guest singer of Jazzanova and with whom they’re touring worldwide

since 2009. To top „Jazzanova – The Remixes 2006-2016“ off there's the rework of the

forgotten, but recently re-issued by Notes On A Journey Spinning Motion's “Naze”.

And as a bonus track you are treated with a not yet released remix of “Dimentica Domani“ by

young, Italian singer-songwriter Malika Ayane. These are nine state-of-the-art remixes

carrying Jazzanova's name deep into the next decade. Back to the future. Currently

Jazzanova is focussing on finishing their third longplayer for 2017. Watch out.

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