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Don't miss Thomas D & The KBCS Little Big Beat Studios Live Session - a very special "AAA" studio live recording!

Some videos have already been published. More will follow soon!

You can find all videos on the You Tube channel of Die Fantastischen Vier or at Little Big Beat Studios:

Thomas D & The KBCS live auf der Bühne bei Little Big Beat Millionen Legionen
Thomas D & The KBCS Little Big Beat Studios Live Session

In order to capture the special atmosphere of the live session with Thomas D as authentically as possible on audio media, Little Big Beat Studios has chosen a process that has become rare: completely analogue production. In technical jargon, this is known as "AAA" because all steps - from recording on tape to mixing and mastering - are carried out exclusively using analogue technology.

Even the vinyl cut remained purely analogue, from a Studer A80 to a Neumann VMS 70 cutting machine with preview head instead of the usual digital delay.

Since Thomas D found companions in the band The KBCS, with whom he can reinterpret the songs and lyrics he has written over decades with instrumental depth, the musical journey of the Fantastic Four rapper has always resulted in a new, loving symbiosis of lyrics, instruments and emotions.

The first studio album "The M.A.R.S Sessions" with The KBCS was followed by the only logical step: a live recording in the Little Big Beat Studios - a hybrid of studio recording and live concert - which was recorded in analogue in front of an exclusive audience.

Thomas D & The KBCS performen Millionen Legionen live in den Little Big Beat Studios
Thomas D & The KBCS live MILLIONEN LEGIONEN Little Big Beat Studios

Das neue komplett analog produzierte AAA Studio Live Album von Thomas D & The KBCS
Thomas D & The KBCS Studio Live Session - AAA


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