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Ralph Heidel Booking

The great wealth of multifaceted skills is Ralph Heidel’s core identity. Evident in the attempt to classify his music into a genre. Drone Jazz, Organic Glitch, Neo Classic, Jazz Tronica, all these terms apply when we read about his music. He began his career as a saxophonist and by now has also become a highly requested composer and arranger for a wide variety of productions.

The 28-year-old musician was signed by Mathias Modica (Gomma, Toy Tonics) for the Kryptox label, while he was still studying at the Musikhochschule München. Heidel released his debut album “Moments of Resonance” (2019) with his eight-piece ensemble Homo Ludens, followed by his EP “Relief” (2021). This grandiose prelude received applause on an international level. BBC6 presenter Mary Ann Hobbs, decided right away to exclusively feature Ralph Heidel on her radio show.

Renowned theaters such as the Berliner Ensemble, Volkstheater München, Staatstheater Cottbus and the Volksbühne Berlin became aware of Heidel and commissioned him continuously to write compositions. But that’s not all: In only three years Ralph Heidel became a favorite musician to call and play on other musicians albums. From Neo Classic and Ambient artists like Carlos Cipa and Josin to German Indie acts like Drangsal and All diese Gewalt Ralph Heidel has been featured on many albums.
His wide range of artistic ability and curiosity was also demonstrated by his collaboration with a big star of the German Rap Scene, Tarek (KIZ). Ralph Heidel rearranged the album Golem (Eklat/Warner) for a chamber music ensemble. The Golem Sessions album then, was released in 2020 (Eklat/Warner). Thanks to Heidel’s precise work, it has been proven that rap and a chamber music ensemble, ambient and trap can complement each other.
Heidel’s name became well- known within the scene which finally made him 2022 the musical director of Casper, one of the most famous rappers in Germany, and his band. 

However, Ralph Heidel’s creative drive seems to be inexhaustible. Which now made him finish his new album “MODERN LIFE”. Together with one of the currently most important Indie and Pop producers, Max Rieger, Heidel created his latest masterpiece.








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